For this market, Vitopel develops films of the best quality, guaranteeing excellence in the manufacture and finish of labels for drinks, food products, hygiene products, cleaning products, etc. Among the main characteristics of this product are the yield and opacity.



SegmentAppearanceCharacteristics FilmThickness (micron)Grammage (g/m²)Yield (m²/kg)Main CharacteristicsPDF
LabelTransparentContinuous labelTE17LB1715,564,6Transparent for continuous labels.
LabelTransparentContinuous labelTE20LB2018,254,9Transparent for continuous labels.
LabelTransparentContinuous labelTE30LB3027,336,6Transparent for continuous labels.
LabelTransparentContinuous labelTD20LB2018,254,9Transparent for continuous labels (two-side treatment).
LabelTransparentIn Mold labelTE25IML2522,844,0Transparent for "in mold labels".
LabelTransparentIn Mold labelTD55IML5550,120,0Transparent for "in mold labels" (two-side treatment).
LabelSynthetic PaperIn Mold labelSPE37GIML-3727,0Opaque white, high gloss on one side and matte on the other side, for "in mold labels".
LabelSynthetic PaperIn Mold labelSPWE67GIML796714,9Opaque white, high gloss for "in mold labels".
LabelOpaque whiteContinuous labelOWE19GLBP-1952,6Opaque white, high gloss for continuous labels.
LabelOpaque whiteContinuous labelOWE22GLBP-2245,5Opaque white, high gloss for continuous labels.
LabelOpaque whiteContinuous labelOWE26GLBP-2638,5Opaque white, high gloss for continuous labels.
LabelSolid WhiteIn Mold labelWD56IML605617,9Solid white, high stiffness and opacity for "in mold label".
LabelMetallizedContinuous labelME17LB17,515,962,8Metallized for continuous labels.
LabelMetallizedContinuous labelME20LB2018,254,9Metallized for continuous labels.
LabelMetallizedContinuous labelME30LB3027,336,6Metallized for continuous labels.
LabelMetallizedContinuous labelMD20LB2018,254,9Metallized for continuous labels (two-side treatment).
LabelMetallizedContinuous labelMWE22GLBP-2245,5Metallized white, high gloss for continuous labels.
LabelMetallizedContinuous labelMWE26GLBP-2638,5Metallized white, high gloss for continuous labels.