It is important to know the characteristics of the entire tag utilization process in order to choose the most suitable substrate. Knowing this, Vitopel offers a diversified line of products with excellent conversion quality and that contributes to an excellent “dispensing” of the tags in the automatic application process.
Our portfolio also includes films for application as “liner”, a trend for this market.



SegmentAppearanceAppearanceFilmThickness (micron)Grammage (g/m²)Yield (m²/kg)Main CharacteristicsPDF
TagTransparentSelf-adhesive tagTD50PSP5045,522,0Transparent for self-adhesive tags.
TagSolid WhiteSelf-adhesive tagWE28GPSP302835,7Solid white, high gloss for tags.
TagTransparentMagazineTE40MZ4036,427,5Transparent for pre-cut labels (magazine).
TagTransparentMagazineTE50MZ5045,522,0Transparent for pre-cut labels (magazine).
TagTransparentLinerTE28GL27,324,840,3Transparent for self-adhesive tag liner.
TagTransparentLinerTE40GL4036,427,5Transparent for self-adhesive tag liner.
TagSynthetic PaperMagazineSPE37GMZ-3727,0Opaque white, high gloss on one side and matte on the other side, for pre-cut labels (magazine).
TagSynthetic PaperSelf-adhesive tagSPD45GPS-4522,2Opaque white, high gloss on one side and matte on the other side, for front self-adhesive tags.
TagMetallizedSelf-adhesive tagMD50PS5045,522,0Metallized for front of self-adhesive tags.