embalagens plásticas flexíveis

Vitopel sponsors 2nd edition of Flexible Plastic Packaging Book

The ITAL-Institute of Food Technology, in Campinas, was the scene of two important events at the end of June. On the occasion of the Flexible Packaging Course promoted for professionals in the field, CETEA – Packaging Technology Center, together with ITAL, launched the 2nd edition of Flexible Plastic Packaging – Principal Polymers and property evaluation.

In addition to Vitopel, collaborators from large corporations such as Pepsico, Bemis, M Dias Branco, Incoplast and Terphane were present and received specific technical training and / or information recycling, collaborating with professionals in the productive sector to improve their processes and quality of its products.

The book, which was sponsored by Vitopel do Brasil, was fully written by the CETEA technical team and has an excellent approach on the following topics:

  • Main polymers and additives used in films and flexible packaging;
  • Adhesives for coextrusion and lamination;
  • Environmental issues applicable to the development of flexible packaging;
  • Types, formats and terminologies;
  • Key concepts in metrology;
  • Sampling procedures;
  • Physical and dimensional characterization;
  • Chemical, thermal and rheological characterization;
  • Mechanical properties and barrier properties;
  • Close system integrity;
  • Self-adhesive labels and interaction between packaging and product;
  • Legislation and sensory alteration.

Vitopel is pleased to support and sponsor this project which contributes to the continuous increase of knowledge and expertise in the field of Plastic and Flexible Packaging. The book is being marketed by ADI – Area of documentation and information of CETEA / ITAL and can already be purchased by the site www. ital.agricultura.sp.gov.br/cetea or by telephone (19) 3743 1900 or (19) 3743 1936.

BOPP-filmes flexíveis

Vitopel present at the Circuit of Conferences FISPAL / ABRE

The 33rd edition of Fispal Tecnologia – International Technology Fair for the Food and Beverage Industry, held at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, took place on June 27 and 30, 2017.

With the participation of large companies, micro and small manufacturers, Fispal Tecnologia was the stage for conducting business and networking among buyers of the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry sectors, and national and international suppliers of machines, software, automation, labels, scales, processors up to forklifts, conveyors and conveyors, among other products.

The fair brought together businessmen, executives and professionals from the entire production chain of the food and beverage industries. In this environment, we have demonstrated innovative products and services, sustainable, aligned with the concept of lower cost. Knowledge, solutions, trends, business fulfillment and networking, all in one place.

Vitopel Presence

Thiago Balbino, Product Development Analyst and Mônica Telfser, Development and Innovation Coordinator, were invited to participate in the Lecture Circuit held at the fair through ABRE – Brazilian Association of Packaging.

Focused on BOPP Development and Innovation Projects, Vitopel professionals presented the BOPP Vitopel HIS-Film Project with higher sealing strength and impact and with modified elasticity. The main idea of ​​HIS is to meet packages that have mechanical demands superior to a conventional BOPP and that for this today they are used of laminated structures, such as BOPP + PPcast or BOPP + PE.

The product, with a patent application in 2014, promises with its new concept, to reduce a lamination process and thereby decrease the weight of the final packaging, providing yield gain and promoting a significant reduction in the use / disposal of packaging / plastic in the medium environment and thereby offer the market opportunities for sustainable development.