History and Differentials

Result of a consolidation process of three BOPP manufacturers in Mercosur, Vitopel do Brasil incorporates a broad technological and marketing vision as well as a consolidated and successful history in the flexible film market.

Its story began in 1988 and Vitopel has only grown since then. It currently operates 4 production lines at its plants located in the State of São Paulo.

Furthermore, its industrial park comprises four Metallizers and one Pilot Line fully dedicated to the development of new products.



Start of Operations at Córdoba in Argentina with a line with production capacity of 15.000 ton/year.


Start of Operations in Brazil with the acquisition of the Mauá Unit, expanding its capacity to 33,000 ton/year.


Implementation of new production line in Mauá with installed capacity of 25,000 Ton/year.


Acquisition of the Votorantim Unit, company with solid trajectory in the BOPP market, which, among other features, added 52,000 Tons of installed capacity to the operation.


Start of the production process of Vitopaper through the film lamination process in equipment installed at the Votorantim Unit.


Start of operation of the 4th Metallizer of the Votorantim Unit and the consequent 57% increase of the nominal metallization capacity.
Creation of the Cutting Center at the Votorantim Unit.


Concentration of the Vitopel’s production activities exclusively in Brazil.