BOPP-filmes flexíveis

Vitopel present at the Circuit of Conferences FISPAL / ABRE

The 33rd edition of Fispal Tecnologia – International Technology Fair for the Food and Beverage Industry, held at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, took place on June 27 and 30, 2017.

With the participation of large companies, micro and small manufacturers, Fispal Tecnologia was the stage for conducting business and networking among buyers of the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry sectors, and national and international suppliers of machines, software, automation, labels, scales, processors up to forklifts, conveyors and conveyors, among other products.

The fair brought together businessmen, executives and professionals from the entire production chain of the food and beverage industries. In this environment, we have demonstrated innovative products and services, sustainable, aligned with the concept of lower cost. Knowledge, solutions, trends, business fulfillment and networking, all in one place.

Vitopel Presence

Thiago Balbino, Product Development Analyst and Mônica Telfser, Development and Innovation Coordinator, were invited to participate in the Lecture Circuit held at the fair through ABRE – Brazilian Association of Packaging.

Focused on BOPP Development and Innovation Projects, Vitopel professionals presented the BOPP Vitopel HIS-Film Project with higher sealing strength and impact and with modified elasticity. The main idea of ​​HIS is to meet packages that have mechanical demands superior to a conventional BOPP and that for this today they are used of laminated structures, such as BOPP + PPcast or BOPP + PE.

The product, with a patent application in 2014, promises with its new concept, to reduce a lamination process and thereby decrease the weight of the final packaging, providing yield gain and promoting a significant reduction in the use / disposal of packaging / plastic in the medium environment and thereby offer the market opportunities for sustainable development.


Osvaldo Coltri, Aldo Mortara, Nahúm , Maico e Henrique Lewi.

Chicago receives the Pack Expo International 2016

With over 2,100 exhibitors, the PACK EXPO International is the largest and most comprehensive processing and packaging trade fair in the world.

Vitopel was present at this important event that was held on November 6, 7, 8 and 9,

at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

The Pack Expo brought together over 45,000 participants from approximately 130 countries and 2,000 exhibiting companies.

The Vitopel stand on the exhibition floor offered the opportunity to see and exchange experiences, know new technologies, meet packaging suppliers, explore the technology dedicated to the industry and obtain ideas of other markets.


17th Brazilian Packaging Congress

New paths and opportunities for growth

On October 5 and 6, Vitopel had the satisfaction of participating in the 17th Brazilian Packaging Congress that was held at the Centro Fecomercio de Eventos in the city of São Paulo.
The Congress is organized every two years and receives about 700 professionals from the sector and correlated industries, especially packaging users.
During the two days of the Congress, Vitopel was present through its Stand mounted at the Innovation and Networking Space, which is a space dedicated to the presentation of companies from fields like packaging converters, suppliers of raw materials and inputs.
This was a great opportunity for the company to strengthen its networking and increase the integration with all the links of the production chain and packaging user.
Furthermore, the congress enabled the exchange of information, prospecting of trends and access to new things, becoming an excellent moment to transform ideas into reality and relationship into partnership.



Vitopel was present at the EXPO PACK Mexico held in the month of May 2016. The event, Latin American leader in packaging technology, brought together over 1,000 exhibitors from 20 countries in a space of 19,000 square meters.

The EXPO PACK Mexico creates opportunities for exhibiting companies to expand their direct contacts with professionals of the industries with great purchasing potential of technology and solutions of packaging materials and processes.


An Olé to Popsicle

The 2016 February edition of Plástico em Revistas, important media of the packaging field, presented an article on the ice cream and popsicle market, which had the special participation of our Manager, Aldo Mortara.
Aldo highlights in this magazine that, with the arrival of the famous mexican paletas in the brazilian market and with the expansion of the home-made popsicle market, there is a great expectation that the popsicles will return to the path of expansion.
Factors like diversification of the offer, drop in the informality and cheapening of horizontal packaging and sealing machines (Flow Pack horizontal) will contribute to this increase in demand.  Based on the estimate pointed out by Aldo, today the popsicle represents 5% to 7% of the brazilian BOPP demand.
Aldo Mortara recalls that about 20 years ago the opaque or pearly BOPP replaced the paper and polyethylene paper of popsicles. “In merit of the high opacity, appreciation of the look and adjustment of the film to the popsicle, due to its low density,” he attributed. “The preformed envelops followed this trend.” “In less differential popsicles, those of greater competition continue to lead in the metallized opaque film, printed on the outer surface and heat-sealed”, said the spokesman of Vitopel. “In less generic products, especially with chocolate or bonbon type, the structure of the reigning package is not laminated. It is a metallized BOPP printed on metal, contemplated at the end of the process with finish and protection polish”.


According to him, two BOPP laminates prevail for more select versions of popsicles: the pearly opaque inside with transparent film printed on the back and transparent metallized inside with printed on the back. “The heat-seal predominates in popsicles due to its cost/benefit and its resistance to low temperatures, avoiding the additional cost of Cold-Seal,” said Mortara. “In more sensitive popsicles, like chocolate-covered popsicles, the use of BOPP structures with cold seal is used,” said the executive.


The article also highlights that Vitopel’s film samples fill out all these peculiarities of the popsicle packaging. In terms of the pearly opaque film, the champion in sales volume in the segment, Mortara clarifies that his company’s film strives for the balance between the high yield and the protection capacity. “The mechanical request of the package is highly relevant, because it contains a frozen food and an exposed stick”, he said. “Therefore, the physical resistance of the film and its performance in the hot seal are crucial to maintain the quality of the package up to the point of sale”. Regarding the more premium popsicles, like the bonbon or chocolate-coated type, the manager emphasizes the predicates of the external anti-odor barriers provided by Vitopel’s metallized films.