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Vitopel, a company manufacturing bioriented polyethylene – BOPP films, committed to excellence in the management of quality , environment, labor health and safety, food safety and social accountability, undertakes the following guidelines before shareholders, customers, suppliers, effective and contracted collaborators, the society and other stakeholders:

To offer products and services that meet the customers ́ requirements, seeking continuous improvement in the quality of the products and the internal processes and privileging the Health, Safety, Environment and Innocuousness issues.

To conduct its processes ethically, adopting the best practices focused on prevention of accidents, promotion of health and preservation of the environment, meeting all legal requirements applicable to its activities, products and services, as well as other requirements agreed with customers and other stakeholders.

To have and keep work force qualified and motivated to perform the tasks, providing safe and healthy work environments.

To conduct the new projects or modifications and other activities focused on technological innovation of products, processes and services, aligned with reduction of environmental impacts and rational use of renewable and non-renewable resources.

To seek permanently operational excellence, growth, sustainability with social-environmental focus and the profitability of its businesses.

To consider the labor health and safety, environment and food safety issues a priority in all processes, in order to prevent accidents, diseases, pollution and contamination.

To adopt social accountability practices, which contribute to the people ́s quality of life.

To adopt the food safety practices, aiming to preserve the health and the integrity of all stakeholders, who are directly or indirectly related to the Vitopel ́s business.

This Policy represent the commitment of all Vitopel ́s collaborators, who are aware that its practice adds value to the business.

Osvaldo Coltri

August 01, 2019