Development & Innovation

Vitopel has an advanced Research and Development center, in addition to a multidisciplinary team that adds deep knowledge of the BOPP production process, of the printing and conversion processes as well as the packaging processes of customers. This team is also responsible for the pre-sales and post-sales services.

All this knowledge combined with the most modern equipment to measure characteristics like oxygen barrier, steam and sealing, as well as characterization of packaging structures, makes Vitopel to always be ahead of the market, innovating or rationalizing the packages of its customers, with strong technological foundation.
Our Pilot Line is also located at this Center, and it is the only one in Latin America.


New developments and solutions

(Português do Brasil) NOVO FILME ANTIFOG – TSD30AF-EXP

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Case Biscoito Direct Packaging

Um grande end user de biscoitos possui um produto em que os pacotes […]